3-D Secure 2.0

Good news for online payment security: credit card payments will become much safer this year. To meet the requirement of the Second EU Payment Services Directive all card payments on the Internet must be verified with stronger customer authentication. For this reason, international credit card organizations have further developed 3-D Secure. 3-D Secure 2.0 will be introduced by Visa and Mastercard in April 2019.

For you and your donors that comes along with different advantages. Conversion rates will be enhanced by a frictionless flow and no card enrollment during the payment process and by a new harmonized look and feel of the 3D-Secure pages. Security will be enhanced by risk based analysis in the background, strong customer authentication and support of biometric features. The new 3D secure is also much more mobile friendly and makes it easier for donors to make donations while they are on mobile.

The responsibility for the adjustments lies with the credit card acquirers (e.g. Six Payment Services) and Payment Service Providern (e.g. Datatrans). Hence, there is currently no action needed by the merchants. We are in constant exchange with our credit card partners and will inform you if there is any need for action.

More information about 3D-Secure can be found by registered users on our Knowledge Base.

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