E-Payment Release 1.17.0 – Highlights

The most intensive period for donations is underway, and so we too are in full swing. There are a multitude of reforms and updates in the new E-Payment Release 1.17.0, which will be uploaded on Tuesday, 24 November 2015 between 06:00 and 07:00. We would like to highlight some of these improvements here. Please note that during the download, there may be a few interruptions. We thank you for understanding and hope that you like the updates and that they aid you in your online fundraising.

Here we go:


Long-term donations now also possible with PayPal

Repeat donations were only possible via credit card or PostFinance until now. With this release, it is now possible to set up repeat and long-term donations via PayPal.


Account locked in RaiseNow Manager?

Entrance into the RaiseNow Manager is often blocked; for example, when one hasn’t logged in for a while. Previously, users would have had to contact RaiseNow Support to manually unblock the account and enable access. Now, however, new automation of this process sees an email being sent to the user, which contains a link that will allow the user to restore their access themselves.


Additional information about the transactions

A new and hopefully very helpful feature which the participants of our first RaiseNow Manager Webinar this year requested: additional information about the transaction details in the RaiseNow Manager. Previously, information about individual transactions was markedly very technical (for example: stored_campaign_id or stored_transaction_type). This led to challenges for users, especially with the export function. Now there is additional information provided about the technical terms – hold your mouse over the particular term to get clarification on what is required.


Reconciliation now also for SMS donations

Our Reconciliation Module automatically aggregates incoming payments from cash acceptance points in the organisation’s bank account. The benefit is that your bookkeeper no longer needs to manually log data like the date of receipt of payment, commission fees and conversion rates. This process is now fully automated for the “SMS donation” payment method.


How shopping transactions can be made more secure

Online shops can also rely on the technology of RaiseNow, as WWF does, for example. There is naturally a big difference between online shopping and online donations, as for online shopping, the customer orders then needs to receive something. For this purpose, special safety precautions for online shops are required. Details of how this works and what it means is explained in the technical RaiseNow documentation.


Search long-term donations via API

It is now possible for developers to search long-term donations via API. Until now, this has only been possible for once-off donations, but now we have gladly fulfilled the request for this search function to be possible with long-term donations too.


Solution for the PCI DSS 3.0 challenge of tomorrow

Concerning the new safety standards for credit card payments PCI DSS 3.0, we must also find a solution for customers who do not need a widget from RaiseNow, but have established an E-payment interface themselves. We have already done preliminary work so that these customers can carry out simple PCI DSS SAQ A-EP certification.

An important note to all our RaiseNow customers: if you would like to use one of our widgets as well as our E-payment service, you do not need to worry about anything concerning PCI DSS 3.0. We do it all for you!


If you have any questions or comments, we look forward to hearing from you. Email support@raisenow.com and we’ll gladly help. Thank you very much, and enjoy the updates!

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Jan helps organisations to reach their fundraising goals, focusing on major gifts and digital fundraising. He has worked as project manager with Swissfundraising, the Swiss fundraising association, and is now community manager at RaiseNow. In 2012 he co-founded the Major Giving Institute, offering a qualification programme for major gift fundraising. Jan is author, (video-)blogger and member of the advisory board at the German Fundraising Association.

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