«Ezekiel’s Dream» – a Virtual Reality trip to Tanzania

contribution by guest author Urs Langenegger

Virtual Reality (VR), like no other technology, offers the chance of bringing people close together and creating empathy. That’s why VR film maker Chris Milk calls VR the “ultimate empathy machine”. Of course, that’s the reason why such immersive content is being used more and more by NPO’s, also in the fundraising domain.

skp_ezekielZurich based company Virtual Reality Content Studio Bandara has created a 360° short story at the beginning of 2016 called «Ezekiel’s Dream» for a special exhibition celebrating the 70th anniversary of Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation. This VR film immerses the viewer into the world of Ezekiel, a 11 year old pupil from Songambele in Tanzania. During this film, the viewer not only experiences closely how Ezekiel lives in humble means with his grandfather, but also sees the improvements at his school, aided by the Foundation.

Those who want to see the whole film can do so in the visitor’s center of Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation in Trogen AR. Visitors really like the experience and even Minister Didier Burkhalter has immersed himself enthusiastically in Ezekiel’s world. You can get a glimpse into the story here with this trailer.

You can read more about the film and its creation in this persönlich interview.

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