RaiseNow knowledgebase in a new look

A credit card is no longer valid – what happens to the donation subscription?

Why do I need an automatized Reconciliation?

What exactly are Webhooks and when do I use them?

There are a lot of questions on digital fundraising in general as well as related to RaiseNow widgets, connectors, payment methods and more. You’ll find  a lot of answers in our knowledgebase support.raisenow.com. And now we do have a totally new look. How do you like it?

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Jan helps organisations to reach their fundraising goals, focusing on major gifts and digital fundraising. He has worked as project manager with Swissfundraising, the Swiss fundraising association, and is now community manager at RaiseNow. In 2012 he co-founded the Major Giving Institute, offering a qualification programme for major gift fundraising. Jan is author, (video-)blogger and member of the advisory board at the German Fundraising Association.

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