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Dear RaiseNow Community

At the risk of triggering an “oh, not again” with an additional speech on the omnipresent topic of the current Corona pandemic, we would like to help you navigate through the current challenges in the best possible way with your organization and your friends, donors, and supporters, but also as a friendly colleague with the same passion for good causes. As before, our services are available securely around the clock and the support of our Customer Success Team is also guaranteed thanks to our Home Offices.

Our pandemic toolbox is as follows:

  1. Focus on urgency: Organizations and projects aimed at containing the corona pandemic and supporting those affected are currently a top priority for us. In this way, we are making our (small) contribution to overcoming the problem and counting on the understanding of all our customers.

  2. Extended accessibility thanks to home offices: We use the additional time that would normally be needed to travel to work for you: For the time being, our Customer Success Team and colleagues in Sales will take care of your concerns from 7:30 am until 5:30 pm. This is to ensure that we can handle the increased support requirements and short-term planned activation of RaiseNow products.

  3. Contactless payment: Currently in the focus of pandemic containment, this will also play an important role in fundraising in the hopefully soon to come “life after”. Already today we offer RaiseNow TWINT QR for this purpose, soon we will expand our offer in this area.

At the same time, especially in an industry that is dedicated to alleviating need and supporting the weakest, we would like to express our sincere thanks to all those whose tasks can only be carried out effectively “out in the field” and are urgently needed right now, we send virtual applause!

The whole RaiseNow team wishes you good health and success in your daily work for the community!

Marco, CEO RaiseNow

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