Payment methods as an important factor for success in online fundraising

An important factor for success in online fundraising are the payment methods offered by the organisation. Because who wants a person to click “abort” only because the favourite payment method is missing?! Therefore, we naturally must know first, which ones are the most common payment methods. The first Digital-Fundraising-Studie Schweiz (digital fundraising study Switzerland, available only in German) that was published at the end of November 2015, shows that Swiss donors prefer the credit card payment when donating. Therefore, those offering only PayPal or payment slips that can be ordered online definitely loses donors and donations.

Currently, new payment methods are released on the market that have to be examined for use in the donation context and for popularity. Recently, another new payment method was released on the Swiss market that will probably gain territory quickly: TWINT. This PostFinance offspring (100% owned by PostFinance) contributes very strongly to increased use of the mobile phone and to further ban cash and credit cards from the wallet. With the TWINT App, payments can be effected with a click. As simple as almost no other current payment method.

Does it pay off to integrate TWINT as a donation payment method?

This payment method has been strongly advertised on various channels since September and there’s a constant stream of new business partners, that offer TWINT as a new payment method, too. One of the best-known businesses is Coop, where almost all cash registers and self-checkouts are TWINT-ready. This spread naturally contributes enormously to our getting accustomed to this new payment method.

Advantages of TWINT

Naturally, we also check all the new payment methods for their usability with online donations. TWINT is an excellent possibility to simplify digital donations in Switzerland. An important factor are the low transaction fees in comparison to all other payment methods. Romano Strebel, founder of the crowdfunding platform, shares this opinion. His organisation was among the first in the non-profit area to offer TWINT as an option: “TWINT is interesting for our 100-days crowdfunders, because we can simply pay out more money to the project initiators in the end, due to the low transaction fees. Thanks to TWINT, everybody can simply support mobile 100-days crowdfunding projects, regardless of their having a credit card or not.” 

RaiseNow as your partner – special terms & conditions for you 

For you and your organisation, we always try to negotiate the best possible terms & conditions with our supplying service partners. We succeeded in this also with TWINT. The implementation of TWINT as a payment option costs CHF 15.- per month. The first 12 organisations to contact us before December 8, 2015 who want to offer TWINT as a payment method will get it for free for the first year. Non-customers even get the implementation of a donation form for free (total value: CHF 820.-). So those who decide to integrate TWINT now become part of the pioneers and get it for free! Simply register here, add the keyword RaiseNow and then mail to us at that you want to participate in this promotion.

(text: Jan Uekermann; translation: Marion Leiser)

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