Probably the best fundraisers…

…are good friends! “Recommendation marketing” or “word of mouth propaganda” works very well with donations. Why? Because we trust our friends. We ask them for advice, when we look for something, want to buy something new, need a tip for an excursion. Or when we want to make a donation. Which organisations do you know, that I can trust, to which I can donate? That’s exactly what peer-to-peer fundraising is. Free translation: fundraising at eye level, from one friend to another.

A very good example for this is the platform “Life Changer” by Helvetas. Everyone can invite their friends to donate and to recommend this organisation.

By the way: “Life Changer” is based on a RaiseNow standard solution – “RaiseNow Social Fundraising” – and can be used for peer-to-peer event fundraising, other crowdfunding collection platforms or employee giving. You want to start your own Collection? Want to simply have a look? Check out:

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