RaiseNow at the International Fundraising Conference (IFC)

We are proud to be official partner of  IFC 2018! This amazing event is the world’s leading conference of fundraisers and changemakers. 1,000 participants from 65+ countries gather in the spirit of sharing ideas, perspectives and innovations. We will present a lunch & learn session, a masterclass and showcase our new products for the full length of the conference. Find us there to get insight in new ways to raise more and have more impact!

During the Lunch & Learn session with RaiseNow CEO Marco Zaugg participants will learn about the benefits of integrated online fundraising and CRM solutions. Successful online fundraising is based on user-friendly design and on automated processes that make data available in the right place at the right time. RaiseNow shows how online donations can be seamlessly integrated, using the Salesforce connection as an example. Individual, automated donor journeys in different languages and currencies lead to a high level of acceptance among donors. Come and challenge us with your ambitious plans!

The masterclass about Major Donors will unfold how to perfectly address major donors of different ages and demographic backgrounds. Different generations of donors expect to be addressed in different ways, and major gift fundraising especially requires a perfectly tailored approach. This unique session brings together ‘an old guy from Canada’, ‘a sophisticated German lady’ and a ‘young European fellow’ for a mix of sharing, role playing and learning focused on raising more major donor dollars by remaining authentic while uniquely tailoring messages to specific audiences.

The hotspot of our presence will be our large booth together with formunauts, leading provider of tablet F2F fundraising software. Come and challenge us with your questions and spend a good time while receiving your very personal portrait, drawn digitally of course!

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