Release Notes 1.22.0

On Tuesday, 9 May 2017, the new RaiseNow Release 1.22.0 will be launched. Here’s a breakdown of what’s new:

New payment provider

We have introduced another provider: “Connect” (formerly “Global Collect”) by Ingenico. This will be of particular interest to organisations that receive a large volume of online donations.

New payment option with SepaONE

In the case of Direct Debit, the first payment of a recurring donation could be collected electronically. With SepaONE, all subsequent payments can now be collected electronically. However, this is only possible in greater Europe, not in Switzerland.

Update to Masterpass

MasterPass™ is the Mastercard wallet. Customers must register for this using their personal details. We have already reported on Masterpass in previous years. The latest update allows the address of the donor to be communicated automatically. That is, if the donor chooses Masterpass as a means of payment, the address stored with Masterpass will automatically be sent to the organization via RaiseNow. One-click donating is therefore almost a reality..

New Merchant filter in RaiseNow Manager

Some organizations receive donations via their own RaiseNow donation form as well as that of a third-party provider, such as a crowdfunding platform like Up until now, the RaiseNow Manager free text field search could be used to filter which donations from a particular donation form should be displayed. There is now a separate filter which can be used to select different donation forms.

New in Webhooks

Third-party systems are “informed” by webhooks – you can find a few articles about this in our KnowledgeBase. The RaiseNow Manager now also shows what each webhook is linked to, i.e. what the webhook was set up for.

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