Release notes Fundraising Automation 1.12

With the release 1.12 of our Fundraising Automation tools we have added additional features for various applications as well as improvements to the overall synchronization framework.


General improvements to the synchronization framework

The subscription processing has been improved to ensure that a subscription with incomplete or wrong data, such as a wrong or missing variable, cannot block the processing of other subscriptions for the given merchant. Subscription events such as a charge or renewal of a subscription will now be processed independently for each subscription of a given merchant.

It is now also possible to specify the desired target format when a date property is provided by an application such as a CRM system within the synchronization framework. This feature was added due to new use cases when retrieving donor information using the RaiseNow customer token. Applications supporting this date format conversion are RaiseNow, Inxmail, and MailChimp.

A previously available flag for simulating transaction transfer to a CRM system was replaced by a new mechanism to improve operational stability.


In addition to the already available mechanism to retrieve updates from MailChimp via webhooks, it is now also possible to synchronize updates from MailChimp via an operation where RaiseNow actively retrieves updates from MailChimp at regular intervals.

Fundraising Automation for OM

We have added support for transferring subscriptions to OM. When a customer creates a subscription for a recurring donation in RaiseNow this will result in the creation of a contract in OM. Subsequent transactions for this RaiseNow subscription will be allocated to this contract in OM.

The transaction processor for OM now also supports the mapping of RaiseNow salutations to OM salutation codes individually for each merchant.

Additional features were added to support the bi-directional synchronization between OM and RaiseNow. For example, this allows us to update contacts in OM when a profile update such as an unsubscription is reported by MailChimp.

Fundraising Automation for SEXTANT

We have resolved a situation where email addresses could not be correctly mapped between Inxmail and SEXTANT. This error occurred when an email address was already present in Inxmail but prevented from the synchronization with other applications due to unsatisfied requirements such as missing salutations. If the same email address was now added from SEXTANT this resulted in a faulty match.

Within the synchronization, an improvement has been implemented to ensure updates for a given resource will be retried automatically when the target application is not available. Before this improvement, a failed status had to be reset manually.

For our clients in Austria, additional features have been added to provide information to SEXTANT with regards to the requirements imposed by the changing legal situation when donors require a tax receipt.

The synchronization now also supports converting individual partner containers into household containers. This was required to allow changing the salutation via customer API or other connected applications from a single person designation such as ‘Mr.’ or ‘Ms.’ to ‘Family’.

When a RaiseNow transaction contains a field ‘stored_sxt_external_partner_id’ the field value will be passed to SextANT within a message action. This will facilitate matching to existing customers, for example, when these customers have been addressed via a traditional letter. A corresponding input field may be added to a RaiseNow donation form in order to support this.

Fundraising Automation for Funtrade

It is now possible to pass a payment interval to Funtrade within LSV / DD transactions.

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