The #DFK15 pre-event meeting by

We’re happy to support the and their pre-event meeting for the Deutscher Fundraising Kongress 2015 in Berlin. On the eve before the biggest German fundraiser meeting, the seven members of invite attendees to network in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, with free drinks and snacks and to tune in and prepare for the congress¬† – and they expect a few exciting impulses!!! We’re very keen to see what happens! Unfortunately, there are only a limited number of seats for this pre-event meeting on Monday, May 18 2015 in Berlin – most of them are already taken. But there are very few remaining seats left that we’re raffling off. Just send an e-mail to and tell us, why you want to be there. See you in Berlin?

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Marion Leiser has been with RaiseNow as a manager for support and administration since the summer of 2015 and is happy to help with questions of all kinds.

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