Virtual Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Amazing news! We are joining forces with the virtual reality start-up “Mountain Rush”, leading our customers into the future of Peer-2-Peer Fundraising.

At this year’s RaiseNow Inspire! Matt Allbeury introduced “Mountain Rush” in a power impulse speech. On this platform, everybody can virtually climb mountains for a good cause while being physically active in their everyday lives.

We are proud to officially inform you about the partnership between RaiseNow and Mountain Rush. From our press release:

Mountain Rush allows people to challenge themselves or challenge friends to get active and reach the summit of epic mountains, making every activity count with charitable cause fundraising. RaiseNow provides state-of-the-art payment methods and integration with the organization’s own databases, ensuring seamless integration with fundraising processes.

The trend towards gamification and the expansion of leisure activities to include doing a good deed is thus taking huge strides and also reaching the digital world. “With Mountain Rush, we have a partner on board who has recognized a megatrend early on and who can provide our customers with an important mosaic stone for successful peer-to-peer fundraising,” says Marco Zaugg, CEO of RaiseNow. Matt Allbeury, founder of Mountain Rush, adds: “Making physical activity fun and supporting good causes is the name of the game. Using leading activity tracker Strava allows for a super engaging challenge experience.”

Mountain Rush is currently available in English, a German and French version will be released at the end of 2018. RaiseNow offers the integration of Mountain Rush as an optional part of its crowdfunding platform.


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